January 27, 2012

Music and moving pictures.

For me the draw was Scott Morgan's fantastic sound art, here alongside an unusual film concept art project. Alex MacKenzie used a homebuilt hand-cranked movie projector to present his reels of film which were mostly comprised of shadowy images, some abstract, others more recognizable, but all somewhat spooky and perplexing.  The emulsion itself is produced in an unusual fashion as well, both handmade and processed.

I found the idea itself was a bit more interesting than the execution, but the visual effect was certainly pleasant enough. The films did not really make me think or feel anything in  particular but the music was hypnotic and quite transfixing.

It's a shame that this was billed as primarily a lightshow and that the presenter did not thank or acknowledge the musician. Scott (loscil) has a number of albums and he offers some material free online so take the time to listen.

The one performance is over but there are plenty more cool events happening at Club PuSh until Feb 3.


January 27, 2012

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Club PuSh

Club PuSh runs right through Saturday, though tickets are scarce for the incredible Taylor Mac and Comparison is Violence. More Main Program shows around town through Saturday.

Ellie O'Day more than 2 years ago

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