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I am so sorry- I forgot to add my postcard image! Is there anything I can do?

Angie Ellis 269 days ago

Re: Postcard

Shouldn't be a problem! Email us at and we can work something out. 263 days ago

Format of File

I was wondering what format is preferred for story? .pdf or .doc


C.K. Twight 314 days ago

Re: Format of File

Either is fine with us! Whichever suits you. 314 days ago

Sending by mail

Does the story for the Postcard Story Contest need to be sent by registered or ordinary mail?

Miriam more than 1 year ago

Re: Sending by mail

Any type of mail is perfectly fine. Thanks for asking. more than 1 year ago

Mailed entries

Must the mailed entries simply be postmaked by the Early Bird Entry date? Or do they have to be in your office on that day?

Also, when is the regular deadline. I can't seem to find it in the info you have posted.

Thank you!

Brad more than 1 year ago

Re: Mailed entries

Entries should just be postmarked by the Early Bird Entry date, they can arrive later. The regular contest deadline is February 1, 2016. Thanks! more than 1 year ago


Hey Geist, being all Canadian, how come we're using 1.25 inches for margins, and not 3.2 cm? or 3 cm?

Hilary Jenkins more than 3 years ago

What if we are already Geist subscribers...

Can we then continue our subscription for the future?

Lisa more than 3 years ago


Absolutely. We'll just extend your subscription. more than 3 years ago

Titles and Naming Files


1) Does the submitted story need to have the title included in the actual document? If so, is the title included in the word count?

2) Should the submitted file's name be the same as the story title?

3) I have chosen copyright-free images, however they must be attributed to their source. Is there a space to do this on the submission form or should I save the image file with that information in the name?

Thank you!

Jessica more than 3 years ago


Thanks for your questions, Jessica.

1) The title isn't included in the word count, but it does help if you put the title at the top of the page.

2) It's helpful, but not necessary.

3) You can included the attribution information below your story. more than 3 years ago

Images from Wikimedia Commons

If we use an image from Wikimedia Commons, how do we credit the original photographer/artist?

Kim Downey more than 3 years ago

Re: Images from Wikimedia Commons

Hi Kim,

Wikimedia Commons often has credit information that you should include when citing an image. If that isn't available, credit Wikimedia Commons.

Thanks and happy writing!
The editors more than 3 years ago


Thanks for all the questions.

No, you do not have to be a Canadian citizen to enter.

Yes, the story can be creative non-fiction.

No, Geist does not accept international money orders. You can send a cheque with your mailed entry, or pay via credit card when you enter online here:

Web Editor more than 4 years ago

international money orders?

For payment from outside of Canada?

Violet Everding more than 4 years ago

creative non-fiction

Can story this be creative non-fiction?

Jo Hammond more than 4 years ago


Do you have to be a Canadian citizen to enter the postcard contest?

Marion Constantindes more than 5 years ago

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