Saint Ralph

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This movie probably unknown here in the states, was a lucky find at 5a yesterday morning on some small sleepy channel.
it was a wonderful movie.
i agree...not cornball but quite humorous and touching and sensible and solid.
worthy of watching.
i thought it was clever.
I was the Ralph character in high school and am dealing with mortality now and was deeply moved .
really liked everyone's performance and presence.

david pactor more than 5 years ago

Awesome film, one of the best

Awesome film, one of the best I've seen, and others I have passed it on to have agreed. Rent it, buy it, well worth the time.

Jane more than 6 years ago

Saint Ralph is absolutely a

Saint Ralph is absolutely a wonderful movie, not "cornball" in the least as you put it. Well written directed and acted, the entire cast is perfection. A great story about life's adversities, and how to believe in oneself and overcome them. Anything can be possible if it is wanted badly enough and you put your heart, mind and soul into it. Highly recommend this movie to everyone, except under pre-teen age as there is some language and a few pubescent young man "situations".

Jay more than 6 years ago



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