October 23, 2012

Geist 86 (Fall 2012) Highlights

Boomtown: the photography of L.B. Foote

L.B. Foote's photographs of Winnipeg in the early 1900s capture the energy of a burgeoning prairie town and the Aboriginal struggle to retain land and rights.

Last Amphibian Flees by M.A.C. Farrant 

Farrant’s stories deliver the peculiar similarities between fowl and people, the death of a parent and the thrill of being furless.

Local Lit by Jim Ryder, Kevin Mcdonough and Fran Diamond

Winners of the 2012 Downtown Eastside Writers' Jamboree Writing Contest: Jim Ryder, Kevin Mcdonough and Fran Diamond each explore their experiences living in one of the most impoverished neighbourhoods of Vancouver.

Adorno, Sarasota by andrea bennett

Theodor Adorno, the critical German philosopher, visits bennett in the bathtub; bennett observes birds and bird-like men on a beach in Sarasota.

Sweet Lorenzo by Stephen Smith

Bouts of skittishness, a lightning strike on the golf course and unrequited love plagued Sweet Lorenzo, the greatest ever hockey player.


Commentary from Geist contributors: Stephen Henighan casts a critical eye on the economic policies of Asian Tiger nations; Alberto Manguel examines the concept of home through the lens of "here" and "there"; Daniel Francis considers the militaristic revision of Canadian identity.

Get all this and more in Geist 86.


October 23, 2012

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