February 13, 2013

Geist 87 (Winter 2012)

"The Gutenberg Effect: Living a Handmade Life" by Michael Hayward
Crispin and Jan Elsted produce books of extraordinary beauty using techniques and traditions that date from the days of Johannes Gutenberg.

How Should a Person Erase?
Winners of the 2nd Annual Geist Erasure Poetry Contest: Mark Petrie, Frank Beltrano and Patrick Grace uncover poetry in the text How Should a Person Be?, an experimental novel by Sheila Heti.

"I AM HERE" by Connie Kuhns
Connie Kuhns channels the self-focused approach of social media into the vintage correspondence of "Wish You Were Here."

"Driving With Maurice Sambert to the Grave of Thomas Mann" by Moez Surani
Maurice Sambert wants to write a book about authors' graves, but someone much more famous has already published one.

"Friday, August 19, 2011" by Joe Fiorito
Joe Fiorito continues his vigil on a Toronto street corner, as nighttime begins to approach and tension leaks out of the city. Part One of the piece can be read in Geist 86.

"Hurricane" by Jeff Shucard
Four days after Sandy, Shucard's parents are in good humour, very brave and very glad to see him—and unsure if he's taking them to Bolivia, Azerbaijan or Canada.

"The Nostalgic Map of Canada" by Melissa Edwards

Revisit the Glory Days with Go Home Lake, ON, Misty Island, NV, Golden Days, AB and other real Canadian place names.


Commentary from Geist contributors: Stephen Henighan reveals how a convenient rewrite of history can capitalize on North American fears of the East; Alberto Manguel commemorates Yehuda Elberg, the best Jewish writer no one's ever heard of; Daniel Francis discovers that the federal government has been spying on almost all of us, almost all of the time.

Endnotes: Geist staff and editorial board weigh in on their latest reads: The Economist's obituaries of remarkable people, Rookie Yearbook One, edited by Tavi Gevinson; Other People We Married, by Emma Straub; Midsummer Night in the Workhouse, by Diana Athill; Human Happiness, by Brian Fawcett; the latest memoir  from George Bowering; and much more.

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February 13, 2013

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