VIFF 2015: The Amina Profile

One of those 'truth is stranger than fiction' stories is told in this documentary about a non-existent Syrian blogger. more »

Kris Rothstein's Blog

Ivan E. Coyote on Whitehorse

Ivan E. Coyote teaches Michal all there is to know about her hometown. more »

Michal Kozlowski's Blog 2 Comments


The imminence of the end of the world is probably the best reason one could come up with for putting off finishing the siding on your new house . . . more »

Patty Osborne's Blog

Opening Night

A few trivial observations at opening night of the Available Light Film Festival. more »

Michal Kozlowski's Blog

John Walker's Passage

Passage, How People got Fire, Blind Loves open the ALFF. more »

Michal Kozlowski's Blog

Sam McGee's Cabin

Is that Sam's original cabin? And what that says about the difference between Americans and Canadians. more »

Michal Kozlowski's Blog 3 Comments

God Save the Queen E.

Pictures from a visit to Queen Elizabeth Park this summer mean more now that it's on the rocks. more »

Geist Global Headquarters 1 Comments

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (Night 2)

The best and worst part of the play is the Turkish delight sold in the lobby. more »

Geist Global Headquarters

Where is Back East?

See the results of Mairs' unscientific study, and find out the difference between "back east" and "down east." more »

Alana Mairs 10 Comments

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