Daniel Collins

Daniel Collins is a photographer and writer who moonlights as a cultural worker. He lives in Vancouver.

In Drukpa Kunley's monastery in Bhutan, Daniel Collins experiences a birthday blessing among phallic iconography. more »

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At first the blackouts in Kathmandu are limited to six hours a week, so in my area we do without lights on Saturday and Sunday evenings. It’s not difficult—candles at dinner, quite charming at first—but then we jump to fifteen hours a week without power, then to thirty-six hours, all within ten days. The govern­ment calls it “load shedding.” This in a country with the potential to be number two in the world for hydroelectric ­production. more »


Allen Ginsberg is speaking into a tape recorder hanging from the rear-view mirror of my mother’s Volvo, composing a poem with the attitude of one accustomed to the gratitude of posterity. more »

Dispatches 1 Comments

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