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How much does a photograph really capture the essence of a person? more »

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Photo by William Notman

Daniel Francis investigates the practice of visiting asylums and penitentiaries as entertainment in nineteenth-century Canada. more »

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Stephen Henighan remembers Mavis Gallant, the original nomad of Canadian literature, who wrote some of Canada's finest fiction at Pablo Picasso's café table in Paris. more »

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Stephen Henighan compares the chaotic sprawl of "Third World" societies to the degradation of Canada's political, social and physical landscape. more »

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Compared to today's vile heros, Ned Kelly-the Australian outlaw who wrote the angry, articulate Jerilderie letter in 1879-seems as innocent as an ogre-slaughtering hero of fairy tales. more »


The poet John Glassco lived in disguise, masquerading as a member of the gentry while writing pornography and reinventing his past. more »

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Alberto Manguel compares his life in the French countryside to that of Cain, whom God despised for being a settled crop farmer, and whom he punished by forcing him to wander. more »

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Stephen Henighan argues that audiences used to have different opinions on the news; now they cannot even agree on the terms of debate. more »

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In this essay, Daniel Francis discusses how Gerda Munsinger—a woman with ties to the criminal underworld—shaped Canadian politics in the 1960s. more »


Stephen Henighan exposes the errors, omissions and problems with the Conservative party's study guide for Canadian citizenship. more »

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Alberto Manguel examines a modern-day book burning and asks: how is this still happening? more »



Photo by Andrew Chapman/Flexolite.

According to the numbers, Canada will never produce another Atwood or Findley. more »

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Revolutions need popular heroes, and unpopular villains, and the Acadians of New Brunswick had both. more »



From Secret Thoughts of a Plain Yellow House by Rebecca Dolen

"We know that life-altering and possibly cataclysmic change is coming, and we continue to live as we have always done." more »

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A misogynist, a racist and an academic walk into a bar... more »

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Bohemia is a good place to grow as a writer, but is it a good place to live one’s whole life? more »


Since the Wall came down, East German socialists in Prenzlauer Berg are free to sip coffee and talk about art. more »

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Alberto Manguel remembers a golden era in Canadian writing, comments on our current cultural climate and proposes a brighter future. more »

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Ann Noël

After fol­low­ing Virgil down through the var­i­ous infer­nal cir­cles, Dante reaches the frozen lake where the souls of trai­tors are trapped up to their necks in ice. more »

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When you find yourself laid up in a sterile hospital room, which books do you want to have with you? more »

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