Daniel Zomparelli

Daniel Zomparelli is the editor-in-chief of Poetry Is Dead magazine. He co-hosts the monthly podcast Can't Lit and is the author of Davie Street Translations (Talonbooks, 2012). He is also the program coordinator for Megaphone magazine Community Creative Writing Program. Zomparelli writes and works with magazines across Vancouver including GeistMegaphone MagazineSad Mag and formerly Adbusters. His collaborative book with Dina Del Bucchia, Rom Com, will be published by Talonbooks, Fall 2015. His current project is After You, a collaborative poetry project. His collaborative book with Dina Del Bucchia, Rom Com, is forthcoming from Talonbooks, fall 2015. He also DJs under the moniker That’s So Raven and resides in Vancouver.  

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