Veronica Gaylie

Veronica Gaylie is a writer and professor. Her work has been published in many periodicals, including Grain, Ditch, Room, Lake, Carte Blanche, and Geist. She lives in Vancouver.

London Double

Veronica Gaylie encounters invisible lamps, uncooperative clerks and a cushion with a bear and/or badger on it during a trip to London. more »


Cowichan Sweater

You had to sleep in it and fall in love in it. more »


Melon Balls in Space

Shiny bras and worn-in sweaters—the clothes do make the woman. more »



Illustration: Eric Uhlich

The Guy Upstairs

Veronica Gaylie encounters Trevor Linden, the Greatest Canuck Who Ever Lived, in economy class. more »

Dispatches 3 Comments

Memory Test

Does the individual have difficulty finding words, finishing sentences or naming people or things? more »

Dispatches 5 Comments

Blue Cheese

A decadent feast of poetry; but what will it do to your heart? more »


B.C. Interior

Honourable mention in the 3rd Annual Geist Literal Literary Postcard Story Contest. more »

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