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Video: Outside the Digital World

Ink, metal type and time: Watch an 1850 Albion super royal handpress in action. more »

Apr 18, 2013 by

Literary Lives

Diana Athill never dreamed of writing—until one morning, suddenly she wrote. "Until that moment I had been hand-maiden, as editor, to other people’s writing, without ever dreaming of myself as a writer." more »

Feb 28, 2013 by in Reviews (1 Comments)

Photo credit: Brian Howell

The Gutenberg Effect: Living a Handmade Life

Crispin and Jan Elsted produce books of extraordinary beauty using techniques and traditions that date from the days of Johannes Gutenberg. more »

Feb 20, 2013 by

Writing in Blue

Michael Hayward reviews Blue Nights by Joan Didion (Knopf). more »

Nov 8, 2012 by in Reviews (2 Comments)

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Review: Lars von Trier's "Nymphomaniac"

Lars von Trier’s latest film, Nymphomaniac, confirms his dual role as one of contemporary cinema’s leading auteur/provocateurs. more »

Mar 22, 2014 by in Michael Hayward's Blog

VIFF 2012: Amour

This is the way the world ends: not with a bang but a whimper. more »

Oct 13, 2012 by in Michael Hayward's Blog

VIFF 2012: How to Grow a Band

How to go from bluegrass roots to a "concertgrass" string quintet in easy stages. more »

Oct 11, 2012 by in Michael Hayward's Blog

VIFF 2012: Leviathan

If you've been looking for "eye-level sloshing fish viscera", this is your film. more »

Oct 11, 2012 by in Michael Hayward's Blog

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Small Dose of the Infinite

"A mild, or homeopathic, dose of the infinite is the crucial element in the aesthetic experience known as the sublime." A review of The Shell of the Tortoise. more »

Sep 5, 2013 by in Reviews

Levels of Loss

In Levels of Life, Julian Barnes writes about the grief experienced after losing his wife to cancer. more »

Sep 5, 2013 by in Reviews

When I'm 64

"A door has closed, another door has opened. You have entered the winter of your life." A review of Paul Auster's memoir. more »

Jul 10, 2013 by in Reviews

The Bottom of the Harbor

Old New Yorker writers never die, they just keep being republished in shiny new editions. more »

Apr 19, 2011 by in Reviews