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Pym’s loving but sly take on the world is reminiscent of Jane Austen, but I find Pym funnier and somehow more shrewd and gentle in her satire. more


PuSh 2017: Zappa Meets Varèse & Oswald

Three twentieth century composers who add a twist and some kick to their sound and mode. more

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PuSh 2017: Things a Person is Supposed to Wonder

Surreal. Bizarre. A woman in a shiny pink track suit makes life more difficult while wondering why it is hard. more

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Matt Reznek

PuSh Festival 2017: It is happening

What makes Vancouver's PuSh performing arts festival so cool? Thoughts on this year and years past. more

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In Search of Indie Films

Why it might be harder to see the next great underground classic film, even in this age of technological plenty. more

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VIFF 2016: Short Stay

An understated and unassuming first feature film, which feels almost revolutionary in its combination of well-grounded sense of place and perplexing hero. more

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VIFF 2016: Gimme Danger

The story of the Stooges, one of rock's great bands. more

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VIFF 2016: All This Panic

Seven teens in Brooklyn bare all to the camera. more

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VIFF 2016: American Honey

A group of misfits are on the road, trying to make a buck, in this portrait of America which is as dystopic as any sci-fi novel. more

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VIFF 2016: Weirdos

A low-key new story from Bruce McDonald—teen friends find themselves on a trip from Antigonish to Sydney, Nova Scotia. more

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VIFF 2016: Yarn

Colourful threads weave (puns!) a story from sheep to the great artistic beyond. more

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VIFF 2016: Harold and Lillian, A Hollywood Love Story

Colourful look behind the scenes in this tale of an artist and a researcher. more

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VIFF 2016: Barakah Meets Barakah

Yes, Saudi Arabians can make romantic comedies. more

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VIFF 2016: The Infinite Flight of Days

Jericó, a small town in the Colombian Andes, is illuminated through the lives of its female elders. Charming, gorgeous, heart-breaking. more

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Pickathon 2016: The weekend continues

So many more tunes from the beautiful Happy Valley. more

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Pickathon 2016: It Begins

Kicking things off with songs in the woods and very good vibes. more

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Pickathon 2016 Preview

I head south to Oregon for a second year of camping, eating and listening at the Pickathon music festival - folk, rock, world and much more. more

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Levitation Music Festival Preview

Psych rock fest comes to Vancouver starting June 16th. more

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What’s the difference between weather and weather conditions? CBC Radio hosts use both, in equally solemn voices, but “weather conditions” sounds somehow more threatening than “weather.” Is it?

—Evelyn, Cyberspace

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