Patrick Lane

Patrick Lane is a Governor General's Award-winning poet, author of twenty-odd books of poetry, fiction and children's poetry. Two new books, a collection of poetry (Harbour Publishing) and What We Are Is a Garden (McClelland & Stewart), will be published in 2004. He lives in Victoria. Natural History, from issue 49.

It started with a note I found tucked into an anthology of poems edited by Selden Rodman, a book I opened rarely, though there was a time when I was young I had read it so closely and so many times I had most of the poems memorized. The note lay in the spine of the book against a poem of Arthur Rimbaud's titled, I think, "The Twelve-Year-Old Poet." On it are four names printed out in my sure and youthful twenty-one-year-old hand: Baghdad, Koweit, Sakakah, Jaffa. more »


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