Thad McIlroy

Thad McIlroy is an electronic publishing analyst and consultant, and author of more than two hundred articles and several books on the subject. He lives in Vancouver and at

Teary-Eyed Testosterone

Thad McIlroy reviews Poems That Make Grown Men Cry: 100 Men on the Words That Move Them. more »


The Celebrated Crad

Thad McIlroy reads Kilodney Does Shakespeare and Other Stories by Lorette Luzajic, the only book that discusses Crad Kilodney’s life and writing. more »


Death and the Economist

The art of the obituary lives on: Obituaries of note from The Economist magazine, including those of the "gunrunner of CIA front companies" and "last interesting Marxist." more »

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Hernia Heaven, Part 2

Thad McIlroy undergoes a hernia operation—and with Neil Diamond and the right kind of drugs, it might only take ten minutes. more »

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Hernia Heaven

Thad McIlroy spends the night in hospital to get a hernia - possibly on his left side, possibly on his right - repaired. more »


Report the Suspicious

Images from "Transit Secure," created for TransLink by Tribal DDB of Vancouver. more »


Failed Experiments in the Future of Publishing

Thad McIlroy reviews The Reaper by Steven Dunne. more »


A Moveable Book

Thad McIlroy reviews Ernest Hemingway's Paris memoir, A Moveable Feast. more »


Slumdog Millionaire

Thad McIlroy reviews Slumdog Millionaire, a 2009 film by Danny Boyle. more »


Trial by Water

As I sat outside on my terrace on the third floor at about 8:00 p.m., I heard a truck coming along the street. It stopped, engine running, and next I heard shouting: “Arturo.” Pause. “Arturo!” I looked down and saw the familiar brown uniform of the ups man, who was holding a parcel. Silence, then a few minutes later he climbed back into the truck, drove along the sidewalk across from my building and stopped (the street is too narrow for the truck, and parking is only allowed on the left side). The driver called out, “Hector Fer­nan­dez.” more »


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