memory en Copyright (c) 2014 The Geist Foundation Tue, 22 Apr 2014 10:59:00 GMT Elegy for Photographs Not Taken Raspberry afternoons flat as the tides at White Rock, a saltwater bath, a kiss beneath the pylons, the barnacles, the greasy fish and chips.

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Getting It Wrong It's human nature to jump to the wrong conclusion–and stick with it.

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Signs of Life Does a house that has been home to four generations of one family still hold their electricity?

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Grandpa's Fries A childhood memory of crispy golden fries made during a thunderstorm.

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My Prizes: A Memoir An account of the circumstances surrounding seven literary honours bestowed on a writer.

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Pathfinder Deluxe A young man comes into possession of a 1957 Pontiac, modelled after one owned by a legendary pianist.

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Pinboy To a fifteen-year-old boy, even women in comic books were a turn-on.

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Memory Game A writer talks about personal health issues and their connection to his family history.

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Life After Virginity A flower child looks back, to the time between Motown and acid rock.

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Boarding with Mrs. Higgins Mrs. Higgins lived with her legless brother and her blind husband in a tall, narrow old house in Nottingham. The room I rented from her in the 1950s was just below her sitting room, where she kept a life-size portrait of Lenin.

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Real World Happiness Norbert Ruebsaat learns that true happiness requires “an ability to live with ambiguity and tolerate a certain degree of physical humour” in Brian Fawcett's memoir, Human Happiness.

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Little Comrades Laurie Lewis remembers a childhood of RCMP interrogations, covert meetings with parents-in-hiding and lots and lots of pudding.

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I AM HERE The self-focussed approach of social media is channelled into the vintage correspondence of "Wish You Were Here."

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The Night of the R-100 Jean-Claude Germain tells the story of how his aunt once found herself abandoned in a Montreal cow pasture one night in 1930.

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Lost at Sea A true story told by Mary Hunt (née Way), a ninety-two-year-old retired Avon representative who lives in St. John's, NF. The story was written down by her grandson, Rob Fritz, and brought to Geist by her niece, Lily Gontard, a contributing editor.

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Hockey Annals Lorenzo Sweet endured heartbreak, skittishness and strikes of lightening to become the greatest hockey player ever.

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Absolute Centre Patty Osborne reviews Dogs at the Perimeter by Madeleine Thien (McClelland & Stewart).

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Mnemonic Devices Michael Hayward reviews Mnemonic: a book of trees by Theresa Kishkan (Goose Lane).

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Reading in Summer Where in the used bookstore would mysteries by Raymond Chandler be shelved - in Novels or in Fiction? Stephen Osborne remembers the summer pleasures of reading outdoors and used bookstores.

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To Be Read by My Children in the Event of My Demise In Katie Daubs' short fiction, a father writes a deathbed letter to his children, explaining the surprising way he really met their mother.

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