Stephen Osborne

Stephen Osborne is publisher and editor-in-chief of Geist. He is also the award-winning writer of Ice & Fire: Dispatches from the New World and dozens of shorter works—most recently “Reading in Summer” (No. 85)—many of which can be read at

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Secrets of the City

Stephen Osborne discovers that some of the most startling papers in the city archives are the letters and diaries of the first archivist himself. more »

Jan 22, 2014 by in Dispatches

Scandal Season

Headlines featuring crack-smoking mayors and election fraudsters. more »

Nov 8, 2013 by in Dispatches

Pathfinder Deluxe

A young man comes into possession of a 1957 Pontiac, modelled after one owned by a legendary pianist. more »

Jul 31, 2013 by in Dispatches

Everything Is Perfect

In 1946, a young bride writes home about her month-long sea voyage to her new home on Baffin Island. more »

Jun 19, 2013 by in Dispatches

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A review of Julie Otsuka's novel, The Buddha in the Attic, about Japanese picture brides in the 1920s. more »

Dec 18, 2013 by in Reviews


Biggest Disappointment: Shoot! by George Bowering (Key Porter). I was looking forward to this one because it has Kamloops in it, and the McLean Gang to boot. more »

Mar 14, 2011 by in Reviews

The Bird Artist

Best Novel of the last year: The Bird Artist by Howard Norman (Farrar, Straus) is a wonderful, true novel of Newfoundland, which is all the more surprising in that its author is not a Newfoundlander. But clearly he spent enough time there to learn the language, for he writes in the first person, which is a great risk, and he succeeds wonderfully. more »

Mar 13, 2011 by in Reviews

Imaging The Arctic

In 1987 in the British Museum, George Qulaut of lgloolik discovered a photograph of his grandmother in an archive of photographs taken by Geraldine Moodie in the Canadian Arctic in 1904. Nine years later the same photograph appeared on a poster announcing a conference called Imagining the Arctic: The Native Photograph in Alaska, Canada and Greenland, at which George Qulaut was the keynote speaker. Last year a collection of papers and photographs presented at the conference appeared as Imaging The Arctic, a big volume published by UBC Press, University of Washington Press and the British Museum—and George Qulaut's grandmother is on the cover. more »

Jan 24, 2011 by in Reviews