Mary Schendlinger

Mary Schendlinger is a writer, editor and teacher of writing and publishing courses. In another life she is also Eve Corbel, maker of comics. She lives in Vancouver.

Grey Matters

Diana Athill looks smooth and wise and a bit mischevious, and she wears the chunkiest, most in-your-face necklace I've ever seen. more »

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Sentences: Simple, fragment, run-on

A simple sentence is a whole sentence. A sentence fragment isn’t. A run-on sentence is not necessarily long. more »

Writer's Toolbox

Nobody's Mother: Life Without Kids

When a group of people who have been silent begin to speak up, one of the first literary forms to emerge is the memoir. So it is with the twenty-two women whose stories are gathered in Nobodys Mother: Life Without Kids, edited by Lynne Van Luven (Her more »


A Complicated Kindness

Nomi Nickel, the heroine of A Complicated Kindness by Miriam Toews (Knopf), is a bad girl. How can she help it? more »


Oxford Canadian Dictionary

Once a piece of writing has been accepted for publication, and the writer and the editor have worked out the size, shape and tone of the piece, how confidently does the Geist copy editor go in with her red pen and fine-tune it? Assuming that she cann more »


The Age of Missing Information

If you read one book on the Information Age, make sure it's Bill McKibben's The Age of Missing Information (Penguin/Plume), which is a real page-turner of a long essay about What's Wrong with the Idea of Information. The device is neat: McKibben watc more »


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