Tom Walmsley

Tom Walmsley is the author of Doctor Tin (winner of the first Three-Day Novel contest in 1979) and the sequel, Shades; the poetry collections Lexington Hero and Rabies; the plays The Jones Boy, Blood and Something Red; the screenplay for the film Paris, France; and a new novel, Kid Stuff (Arsenal Pulp Press), from which this excerpt is taken. He lives in Toronto.

Moth fought his last fight in the basement of a church forty miles out of town. The crowd was polite and applauded after every round, but made hardly a sound while the punches were being thrown. None of the overhead lights were extinguished and there more »

Short Stories

Sometime in the late seventies Osborne and I walked down Spadina from Bloor to Front street, listening to Shein talk about the China Effect. more »


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