RESPONSES TO THE QUESTION: Which Canadian Writer Would Make the Best Replacement Worker for Stephen Harper?

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You must be living in a parallel universe. We haven't been able to discern intellect in our Stephen Harper. Or work either; our Prime Minister has taken to prorogueing parliament annually.Currently, all of our legislation, the work of Parliament, is dead as a doornail. We could have a chronic narcoleptic writer run the country, and still get more work done.

Julie Malcolm more than 6 years ago

"Which Canadian Writer Would Make The Best Replacement Worker...

"Which Canadian Writer Would Make The Best Replacement Worker for Stephen Harper"

This is a great question, but it doesn't prove that the responses are legitimate, meaning how many of those responses actually have read all these Canadian Writers to give an accurate answer?

I know all of these Canadian writers, however I'm not familiar with their work, and I'm a published writer expected to know.

I wouldn't like to see Prime Minister Stephen Harper replaced at all! Whoever replaced him would be inferior to Mr. Harper's intellect and leadership ability.

Donna Thompson more than 6 years ago

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