Bottle House Memories

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Bottle house dreams

I remember being small and riding on BC ferries and grabbing a bunch of tourist pamphlets and I would always make sure to take the miniature world one and the bottle house one. I tried to imagine the person living there and I always thought he would be like the friendly giant or something. I really wish I could have seen it in person. Not many people I have talked to remember it being there.

Christina more than 3 years ago

Glass castle

This was so neat my Aunty Lynn and I was just talking about this place and couldn’t remember where it was. It made my day

Angie more than 4 years ago

One of my oldest memories

I'm Mexican and my familiy traveled to Vancouver in 86, for the Expo and to visit some of my dad's friends and partners who had recently moved to Canada. We went on a ferry trip from Horshoe Bay to Nanaimo and then drove to Victoria, on the way there we stopped and what I remember as a medieval castle entirely made out of bottles. Now that I see the pictures it's pretty much what I remembered, I should have some pictures of me and my parent's friends' kids, I was the youngest, I was 8 years old. I also remember a picture on top of a cement elephant, but that might be at Butchart Gardens, which we visited that day as well.

It's so nice to have found this entry, you made me smile.

Adrian Pacheco more than 7 years ago

Glass Castle memories

I too remember driving by the Glass Castle as a child in the '80s. I seem to recall that it was widely advertised on the Island as some kind of awesome and magical entertainment destination. My heart always sank whenever we drove past it.

In 1991 or 1992 I asked a teacher if we could go on a field trip there and she said we couldn't because it was "unsafe" at that time, presumably from broken bottles everywhere.

The last I ever heard of it was sometime in the mid '90s when Gordie Tupper and Michaela Pereira interviewed Mrs. Plumb who spoke about the site's history. Apparently it attracted some notable visitors including Pierre Trudeau!

I am sad to hear that it's gone but am delighted to find this lovely write up. Thank you!

Nathaniel Christopher more than 10 years ago

bottle house

i remember as a child driving with my parents up island on Sunday 's and seeing these bottles stacked on top of each other
glistening in the sun. Then it was gone!!!! Driving back down i would be in passenger seat closest to highway boulevard and would get a glinpse of it. As my father explained to me people actually lived there

anne jarvis more than 11 years ago

Glass castle

Hi, I have the most wounderful memeory of my Grandfarther George Plumb. When I was very little at the Castle we were walking on the grass it was a very hot summer day, and he had a candy cane in his pocket, he gave it to me. I thought he was magic to have that in the summer and not a christmas. Also he would put messages in a the bottles and we would have to find them and the cules to the next bottle. Our winnings, a piece of candy from the gift shop.

Angelina more than 11 years ago

Castle Memories

Hi Angelina, I and my siblings also have memories associated with George's Glass Castle. My Grandfather, E.E. (Max) Maxwell was a good friend of George's, and did his best to contribute many bottles, mostly whiskey, to the project. We are only now finding out about one of their possible escapades involving the possible liberation of some sheep. I remember my Grandfather bringing me with him when he was dropping off cardboard boxes full of bottles. It was a magic place for a child to visit, and it is good to remember the friendship that my Grandfather had with George. I would appreciate hearing from you.

Ted Maxwell more than 9 years ago


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