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wrting a collection

I have been published a fair bit and written close to 1500 pieces in the past few years. Some good, some not so good. I can tell the difference. Some stuff I like that others hate and vice versa. My issue is how do I know I have enough for a manuscript. I cannot stop writing long enough to edit and take inventory. When I do have blocks and idle periods. I am so blocked that I can't seize the opportunity to put together a collection. I know chapbook and manuscript publishers don't want a best of collection. They like thematic works. I am all over the road in this regard so it gets really difficult to edit and link a series of poems. Should I just be content to have magazine, ezine and be published with others in anthologies or is having a whole book of my own poems what we all strive for?

John Tzikas more than 11 years ago



DebyDrelf more than 12 years ago

Rejections do pile up, John.

Rejections do pile up, John. It's part of a writer's life. I know one writer who collected rejection letters for 20 years and who is now publishing everywhere - journals, poetry books, novels (check out Michael Blouin). He gave me the inspiration to keep going and now I'm getting published too. If it would help, you can watch me edit my own poems at http://gillianwallace.ca/

Gillian Wallace more than 13 years ago

Thank You

Thank you for responding to my comments. It makes all the difference people are listening. Keep up the good work. JT

John Tzikas more than 13 years ago

Re: Feedback

This is a very big concern for most poets. My suggestion is checking out what your community has. There are many workshops available throughout Canada. Unfortunately some cost money. My suggestion is to see who else around you is writing poetry, and try to create a workshop group of your own. If that isn't possible, try and find communities online that work on poetry.Another suggestion is to find a poet you admire and email them to see if they could respond on a poem of yours (maximum one poem, they are busy). They might not reply you back, but a lot of poets understand and will be willing to give a little feedback.Also, know that poetry is very subjective, so write for writings sake, because in the end, that's all you can do.

Daniel more than 13 years ago


How do I get valid feedback on my poetry. I write a lot but am getting increasingly insecure, even when magazines accept my poems and when the rejections pile up I don't know why.

John Tzikas more than 13 years ago


Can you recommend a straightforward short book or series to help our writing group get better at writing? Thanks!

The Montana Deep Sunrise gals

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