Seth, Shuebrook and Guelph

Last week I tagged along with Robert Everett-Green on an outing to Guelph where he interviewed the artist known as Seth. more

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A Coincidence of Mannequins

Playing House: Two thought-provoking photo projects involving two women with similar names and two male mannequins whose names begin with "C." Weird and/or wonderful? more

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A Particular Class of Women: Bawdy, Bitchy, Brave and Hilarious Tales of the Stripping Life

Women have always shared their stories in the privacy of bedrooms, bathrooms, changerooms, or anywhere else that they find, and, with much hilarity and not a little anger and sadness, they did it again on the stage of the Firehall Theatre. more

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Maladjusted: is it them or is it us?

Headline Theatre's new play, Maladjusted, is an intriguing, thought-provoking and interactive event that takes us deep into the mental health system. more

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Commies in Canada

Laurie Lewis has written a smart, concise and humourous memoir about being a "little comrade" in Canada during the McCarthy era. more

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Greatest Dreams

The new chapbook from the Writers' Exchange promises to reveal its contributors' (elementary school kids) greatest dreams. more

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From the Geist kitchen: AnnMarie's Shortbread Cookies

A delicious recipe from the Geist kitchen—just in time for the holidays. more

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Ian McEwan, what are ya doin'?

A cranky reader on Sweet Tooth by Ian McEwan more

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Fear and Loathing in Upper Canada

In the 1800s, many young women came to Canada from Ireland but not many of them fell in love with black men who had fled north via the underground railway. more

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Double or Nothing: hard to resist

Have you ever wanted to take a wild ride inside the mind of a teenager, a teenager who’s a compulsive gambler? more

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Pink Ribbons, Inc

If you've ever pondered the question, "wouldn't it be more effective to find the causes of cancer instead of trying to find a cure?" then you should watch the excellent documentary Pink Ribbons, Inc. more

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It's a game, it's a book—it's Erebos!

I just spent several days with an evil computer game that I couldn't put down. more

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Books in the House

How many books are you reading right now and in what rooms? more

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Smokin’ Fish, smokin’ movie at DOXA

The movie "Smokin’ Fish" is delicious in many ways. more

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People of a Feather: eider ducks on film

Flocks of eider ducks once darkened the sky and filled the air with thunder, but not anymore. more

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