Pina, a film for Pina Bausch by Wim Wenders

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It was wonderful to see the film and the elevation of Bausch's art for a larger audience. The 3D did not work exceptionally well except in the Rite of Spring passages, I thought. Overall the tone was so sad and heavy that the film read as a eulogy. Pina's work is more uplifting and humorous than the film, I felt. The outdoor scenes in Wuppertal were stunning!

Gerry more than 10 years ago

interview with Wenders

People who enjoyed the film, or are puzzled about the absence of PIna herself, may want to listen to the podcast with Wim Wenders on CBC Radio's Wachtel on the Arts.

more than 10 years ago

Pina Bausch

I did enjoy the film, although I'm afraid I didn't see the point of the 3D. My one problem was that the film seemed to flit rather too abruptly from one thing to another, and the voice-overs with the dancers' faces, while on the one hand rather beautiful, had one scrutinizing their features to wonder whether they were aware of just what their voice would be saying at that point. It seemed rather too 'filmic' in some ways.
I think Bausch's work is very long-breathed, and needs to be seen in full if one is really to appreciate her genius. One wishes they had used 45 minutes to show the whole of 'The Rite of Spring', which is for some reason unavailable on DVD -- something which I hope will be remedied soon. However, those who were struck by her work can find a DVD of the Paris Opera Ballet performance of Bausch's Orfeo ed Euridike, a ballet of Gluck's opera, with the singers on stage in black (rather like Bubraku puppeteers) and the dancers performing the story. It is absolutely brilliant, and Marie-Agnes Gillot, as Euridike, is breathtaking.
This approach to danced opera, by the way, has been taken up by others influenced by Bausch, particularly Wayne McGregor, whose troupe was in Vancouver in February. It is worth seeing his Acis and Galatea from the Royal Opera and Ballet for a similar effect.

Crispin Elsted more than 10 years ago

"for Pina Bausch"

Loved the film. Reminded me of my days in mod dance, contact improv, and why I love to dance tango Argentino.

I want to comment on Ross's remark about it being a doc about Pina: the subtitle says it all, A film "for" Pina Bausch. I see the film as more an homage to a dance / creative master than a documentary about "her work, methods, or vision."

hanspetermeyer more than 10 years ago


Saw the film last night and was dazzled. Great use of 3D: you're aware of the dancers movements in relation to each other, much closer to a live performance that a 2D documentary would have provided. Amazing music as well; a shame that the soundtrack album doesn't include it all...

Michael more than 10 years ago

One small criticsm

I loved the movie, but now it wish there was more of Pina herself. For a documentary based on a person's life's work, I can't remember a single thing that came from Pina herself about her own work, methods, or vision.

Ross more than 10 years ago


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