Which famous Canadian reminds you of your father?

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My Dad reminded me of Bob

My Dad reminded me of Bob Hope -- not in appearance -- he had an unusual nose, like Bob Hope, but Dad's was unusual because he broke it three times. Dad always had a joke ready for any occasion -- or for no occasion. He was the unpaid entertainment at my husband's rugby parties. All my memories of him are joyful -- quite a legacy.

Pam Kent more than 13 years ago

The character of Oscar Leroy

The character of Oscar Leroy on Corner Gas always reminds me of my Dad and not just because of his curmudgeonly nature or prairie sensibilities. No, it's the tilt of his cap -- always at a slightly rakish angle, never just straight on his head. My Dad would always wear his cap that way too. It's not easy to make a baseball cap look debonaire, but that little tilt attempts it. My Dad wore his regulation army cap the same way during World War II. Habits are hard to break, I guess.

Debra She Who Seeks more than 13 years ago

The late Ernie Coombs (miss

The late Ernie Coombs (miss you, Mr. Dressup!) looked like my dad's twin. They even wore the same style glasses.

Avery Cooper more than 13 years ago

These two aren't Canadian

These two aren't Canadian either but by Dad used to remind me of a combination of Bing Crosby and Adolph Hitler. He did look like a bit like both of them.
He could be charming like Bing (especially after a drink or two) and while he was not a sociopath like Hitler he certainly was an expert at blowing his top. It seems to me Hitler was pretty good at that.
Actually Dad was a pretty good guy and it wasn't his fault that he looked a bit like Hitler. An added bonus for a young man (before he met my mother) I believe he had a certain amount of success with the ladies trading on the Crosby resemblance .

ML Ogilvie more than 13 years ago

I know he's not Canadian but

I know he's not Canadian but Jimmy Hoffa, with the disappearing act? He could very well be my father... If anyone has seen him, would they please pin a note on him and send him my way?

Apparently immediately after my conception my mother forgot what my father looked like, and mor eimportantly, his name. As a result I have approached each father's day with the same sort of open feeling I get when an election is called, you may know who you want, over the years I have imagined many famous men 'might' be my dad, but let's face it, until the dna vote is in, its all up in the air.

To all the great men, like my husband, Ralph, who stuck around and did their best, Happy Fathers Day.

Vera Constantineau more than 13 years ago

Mr. Chretien reminds of my

Mr. Chretien reminds of my father or vice versa. Same generation, same speech pattern, from the same province, same presence.

Jeannine R. more than 13 years ago

My Dad looks like a white

My Dad looks like a white Steve Harvey, who is not a Canadian but a funny comedian with a similar moustache and physical build as my Dad.

Dan Post more than 13 years ago


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