2nd Annual Geist Erasure Poetry Contest - NOW CLOSED

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cover letter question

Should cover letters only include those things, or some contributor info as well?

t-m more than 10 years ago

How should art be?

Sigh. The motivation for using this excerpt escapes me, unless it's to make art out of it. A guy can dream.

PG Downes more than 10 years ago

erasure deadline

regarding the erasure deadline
on the description/guidelines page it says EXTENDED Sept. 1, 2012
On the online submit page it says Aug. 1, 2021.

which one is it?


Valerie more than 10 years ago

On erasure poetry - not an entry!

How deeply creative
to hear a well known voice
and slowly rub
words away,
crafting vacuum
where coherence thought it lived.
Let awareness
scalpel its way
through symbols
to make new sounds.
Let silence
ring out essence
of what lies buried in babble.
This winnowing
calls before dawn
in every life,
reductionist harvest.

Heather more than 10 years ago

erasure poetry

how does this differ from the cut-up method by william burroughs and brion gysin? the cut-up is a collage of words borrowed from existing text and re-ordered to create what they called "the third mind", whereas erasure erases the extraneous text and leaves the essence of the sound of thoughts in a few re-ordered words. both are simply a clever monkey device of writer's block. in other words, a monkey could be taught to erase words at random and come up with something different, if not interesting. maybe true consciousness lies within the eyes mind and heart of the observer, not just the creator or utterer of truths, your truth, my truth, their truth, a truth, the truth, utterly! you could also use fridge magnets.. rules r us..
luke 7:20-12

luke more than 10 years ago

How Should a Person Be?

That is one ballsy brazen broad who wrote this - love it!

Stacy more than 10 years ago

Re: rule three

Hi Ce,

You should pay and submit at the same time.

For rule three, you can combine words and letter that you have not erased to make new words, so long as you don't change their order.

So for instance, if you have the sentence "One good thing about being a woman is we haven’t too many examples yet of what a genius looks like," you could make the word "tall" by taking the "t" from "thing," the "a" from "about" and the "l's" from "examples" and "looks," so long as all the letters between them had been erased.

I hope this helps.

Chelsea Novak more than 10 years ago

Re:contest entry posted on blog

Hi Dense Milt,

I'm glad to hear you're enjoying the contest, but please refrain from posting contest entries online.

All entries should be unpublished, and posting online counts as publishing. Also, posting the entry publicly goes against the spirit of our blind judging.

Chelsea Novak more than 10 years ago

Submission and Rule 3

Hi Geist!
Great contest, my brother and I are working each on our poems and we will submit them before Aug 1st. Two issues we have, can we sign up and pay and create our user name and then submit the actual poem on a later date? or does it have to be all at once? and second, can you explain rule three, I think I am overthinking it. Thanks!

Ce more than 10 years ago


Hi Diana,

The Erasure Contest is open to international entrants.

Best of luck!

Geist more than 10 years ago


Is this contest for Canadian residents only?

Diana more than 10 years ago


I just sent my entry, and have published it on my blog with complimentary photo. www.densemilt.com
I had so much fun doing this erasure poem, that I did another one with a different text on my blog www.maggotslovethemeat.com
Great contest again, Geist!

Dense Milt more than 10 years ago


I love a good found poem. Looking forward to coming up with something. Awesome contest !

Tiana more than 10 years ago

Erasure contest

I think it's a cool idea for a contest. You can find dozens of "normal" poetry contests, so if you don't like this one, don't play. Kudos to Geist for thinking of something a little different.

Kate Thompson more than 10 years ago


Uh...doesn't it give you a clue when it says "annual"???

Lucy more than 10 years ago

erasure contest

not sure I would call it lame....it is lame if you make it lame.....lame if you do not make it lame....now i am confused...so that is a good start for this old poet....I will attempt this for the first time...lame or not lame

Wayne more than 10 years ago


I can't believe the form.
(so lame.)

It may have worked for a one off.
(do you plan on doing this every year?!) 

Just have normal poetry.
(only better.)

Tavish more than 10 years ago


I can't believe you're doing this competition again. The form is so lame. It may have worked for a one off. But do you plan on doing this every year?!
Why can't you guys just have a normal poetry competition like every other magazine. Only yours would be better, because it is Geist.

Joel Clinton more than 10 years ago