Still Life with Blake

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Being a father of a daughter, this it is a story I know, and the miracle we received.
Thank you for the memory.

David Hutchison more than 11 years ago



Bertoldino more than 12 years ago

This was my first experience

This was my first experience of flash fiction and I enjoyed the story immensely. You can certainly say a lot in a few words and make it exciting to read. Well done.

Sandra more than 13 years ago


I want this story to extend and keep on, keeping on!
So witty and lovely.

Sophie more than 13 years ago

Still Life with Blake

Monica Kidd's writing is magnificent. Well done!

Jancis M. Andrews more than 13 years ago

Fabulous! This is my

Fabulous! This is my favourite piece bay far!

Tina more than 13 years ago

keep submitting

no offense intended to other writers, but this should've won first,
keep writing, would love to see more of you in future.

Anonymous more than 13 years ago


One of the best 500 words I have read. Told so much in such few words.

darlene f more than 13 years ago

Visual storytelling

Great story, ripe with visual appeal. I could feel the physical and emotional discomfort and almost smell blood, sweat and tears! Awesome.

Margaret Waage more than 14 years ago

blasts the pants off the other stories

sorry but this story is a real short flash fiction, with action and mood and energy and pulsing language
the winners were very primary schoolish compared to this
Bravo! more than honourable....keep em coming.

jenn more than 14 years ago

Loved it!

Great short. I really thought it should've ranked higher.
It's the only one out of this year's selection that kept me wanting more. Great job!

jean more than 14 years ago

well written!

Left me breathless, didn't realize I'd been holding my breath. So glad it was the sperm donor that passed out and not the innocent baby!

Kristi more than 14 years ago

Good story!

Good story!

Anonymous more than 14 years ago

Really excellent ...

Very nice job! It held me from the get-go. I believe you should have had a place quite a bit higher up the roster ...

Robert H. Elliott more than 14 years ago