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CBC? whatever.

“Nowhere else… do the citizens overwhelmingly prefer the television shows of a foreign country.”

Really? Has the author of that comment ever heard of the success of Mexican Telenovelas in the hispanic world and beyond? Or the weight carried by Moscow television in the independent former soviet republics? Or of the relationship which the Austrians have with their northern neighbor, with whom they happen to share a language?

I gave up anyway on the CBC years and years ago in trying to figure out English Canada.

Scribouilleur more than 11 years ago

How did he get the job?

Wasn't he a Harper appointee? That would explain why he would not believe in public broadcasting and/or information and/or investigative journalism and/or the lessons of the past....

Bryan Smith more than 11 years ago

Stursburg CBC book review

Well said, Daniel Francis. A far better tempered assessment of the klutzy Stursberg than I would have been capable of. As for audience and popularity as measures of virtue, all I can say to that yardstick of vulgarity is: Hitler was poluar and had a big audience too.

We CBC lovers and viewers are well rid of the meddlesome self-promoter. His legacy is simple: Peter Manbridge, you may now sit down again.

You also point to the real danger: an anti-CBC prime minister who seems destined for another 4 destructive years at the wormy helm of Canada.

Bill Casselman more than 11 years ago

Daniel Francis on Richard Stursberg

Richard Stursberg was a disaster for the CBC and Canada. But now that he's gone, why is the CBC still on the same track? If we insist on copying the Excited States, let's at least have the CBC copy PBS, not ABC.

Wayne Robbins more than 11 years ago