Bride of God

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bride of god

hilarious, good story, excellent presentation. and such a wonderful topic. there is so much that recalled my own experience. thank you, karenza

karenza t wall more than 7 years ago

A perfectly believable voice

Enjoyed this thoroughly. Read it aloud to my husband and we paused frequently to laugh. Thank you!

Heidi Croot more than 7 years ago

Bride of God

Smart and snappy tale. The child's voice is brilliant and serves as such a fine filter for the reader to absorb the irony. The skirts of the adult world are lifted and it ain't pretty. Such a pleasure to read.

Ruth Walker more than 11 years ago

Bride of God

Carin, I was raised Catholic too. My brothers farted from the front pew at Mass, but my parents didn't swear. You got it 'bang on,' especially the part where only Catholics go to heaven and everyone else gets stuck in purgatory. Glenna

Glenna Jenkins more than 11 years ago

Bride of God

Carin - just brilliant! A fellow Catholic Lass, I completely related to every juicy tidbit, right down to the swearing parents. Wonderful work, Carin.


Cassie Connolly more than 12 years ago

I had a big smile on

I had a big smile on my face after reading your story. You bombarded the reader with the images facing a confused child in an adult world. I loved the conflict between the parents and between them and the church. And we wonder why kids are confused.

A entertaining piece of writing I enjoyed start to finish.

Mary McIntyre

Mary McIntyre more than 13 years ago

I love this story. It made me

I love this story. It made me laugh aloud several times. The final line is great.

Meaghan more than 14 years ago