The Coincidence Problem

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Coincidences Explained

I was once a scientist in my younger years:
biology, chemistry, physics explained the cause.
Déjà vu seemed queer, dreams stoked my fears,
as inimitable events made me pause.

I witnessed psychic events time and time again,
and realized spirits must be the cause.
I let go of logic's tight chain, a twisted brain,
as prophetic dreams made me pause.

Angels, sprites, spirit guides surround us all –
concurrence of coincidences they cause.
Break down the cranial wall, let logic fall,
for coincidence no longer makes me pause.

L. BeBe more than 10 years ago

coincidental realities

This is a such a great subject. There is another phenomena that works paralell or in conjuction with co-incidence (which is a perfectly good word for the phenomena of which you speak, because the word indicates multiple connected incidents), anyway the phenomena of which I refer is that of manefesting memory thoughts into reality.
One example occured when I was in a library on facebook, and connected to a friend when his
name popped up. We arranged to meet for coffee, on my way out of the library to go and meet Michel , a convertable pulled up to the stoplight in front of me blaring clasical music, I told him he was an anti-rapper, to which he laughed then a parrot. identical in markings to Michel's parrot, Sid, hopped up onto the windowsill. Michel had given up Sid many years previous, and I had entirely forgotten about him, but somewhere beneath my concious level of thought lurked memories of Sid which were obviously being stirred. Another example of this experience of manifesting was when searching for Namma Lodge, a large wooden abode built by my Grandfather on Balsam Lake in Ontario, Ca.. Knowing I was very close, I pulled over and asked a man of about 20 years of age, walking his dog if he knew where Namma Lodge was, he asked why. When I told him my grandfather had built it, and I had never seen it, he told me he was currently working there for the summer and then called his dog who had wondered off a little. The dog's name was Kelsey, which was my Grandmother's (the builder's wife's) maiden name, and I am still in touch with a couple of members of the Kelsey family.

roger Howie more than 10 years ago