In Praise of Female Athletes Who Were Told No

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An Immigrant's Note

My family and I are just going to pack to fly to Canada. Your lines are much of a relief. A bunch of cloud cushions suddenly growing under our falling petrified nerves. We feel much safer and far more confident to see there are people like you in Canada.

Wing (بال) more than 10 years ago

Daddy, I don't understand why won't they let the women jump?

My daughters, ages 6 and 8 who just have started ski jumping, keep asking me this question about the winter olympics. My answer is, neither do I understand why. There is no reason other than they are men who don't want women to jump in the olympics. Thank you for your prose and stand!

Eric more than 10 years ago

Thank you so much for taking

Thank you so much for taking a stand! Your words were beautiful, powerful and moving.

Anonymous more than 10 years ago

Personal Integrity

I wish, I wish that only one teardrop's worth of your kind of integrity could be disseminated through the heart and souls of every politician in Canada. What a country we might have then.

MDL more than 10 years ago

Moments in History for Women in the Olympics

Thank you so much for recognizing these wonderful moments in History for Women. The female body is one to reckon with too. Although we are women, it doesn't mean we are lesser to compete. If a woman chooses to put her heart into ski jumping or another sport, and lives her days and nights with focus to compete and push herself to achieve, can't we support that? After all, it is her life, and she's not harming others. The luge, now THAT is DANGEROUS! Look at those speeds!!! That track is slick as ice-------exactly, so it's very much an all-body and mental challenge. Not saying women shouldn't do it, but whomever decides to compete in THAT sport, male or female, is risking their lives greatly. Don't know whether to admire that kind of speed and danger, or think their out of their minds. Wow, I do sit in AWE as I watch the luge competitors. WOW.

Sharon L. in Texas more than 10 years ago

Putting your foot down for what you believe in

Some people talk about what they believe in, but when it comes down to the metal, down to the trying times, they may go back on their word and reverse what they have been preaching. You are standing by what you believe in wholeheartedly and that deserves recognition. How can someone speak beautifully and poetically about something that doesn't respect and practice equality for the other sex on this earth? Thank you for standing by what you believe in. Your heart must feel more pure than the average person. Kudos for that.

Sharon L. more than 10 years ago

Thank you.

Thank you, both for your words, and the principles that lay beneath them; for speaking up instead of acquiescing; for rocking the boat because it needs to be rocked; for sacrificing a chance to perform on the public stage of the Cultural Olympiad in order to do what is right. I appreciate and honour your stand and your courage.

Anonymous more than 10 years ago