Science Fiction

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Thanks again

I have this poem bookmarked and every so often I come back to it and read it and cry. thanks brad

Bashu Naimi-Roy 352 days ago

Thanks Brad

Poets are so often obsesses with sharing all they know, as proof of right-ness of being. Here you go to great lengths to prove, conversely, how wrong we can be. How we laugh at what we don't understand. And how a life's course can and should offer correction to our misguided thinking, for anyone who is awake, aware enough, to heed. Beautifully expressed.

Darren Alexander more than 6 years ago

Brad Cran's poem "Science Fiction"

I had the honour and very moving experience of being present last fall when Brad Cran read his poem "Science Fiction" to a packed room at Ottawa's Plan 99 reading at "The Manx". There had been such silence in the room, one could hear a massive intake of breath before the audience broke into applause. Hardened skeptics of the poetical persuasion could be seen discreetly wiping away this strange substance that had, out of nowhere, fallen on their cheeks. Many who were not parents. Many who were completely taken aback and surprised at their reaction. Many who uncharacteristically, followed the power of the poem driven by the narrator's clear, deep voice. It was one of those rare moments in poetry: one in which I am delighted I had the privilege of witnessing, no, rather, of partaking. Thanks for publishing this poem.

LM Rochefort more than 6 years ago