Waiting for Michael (Jackson)

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response to MJ story - (letter to ed.)

I am more on the side of the reader who responded that we read magazines like GEIST to get away from popular topics such as Michael Jackson - although, because I do happen to like his music and have been listening to and dancing exuberantly to the Jackson 5, then The Jacksons, then MJ solo, for years, I read the article.

To my disappointment, (the story) was about nothing!
There were no details; it made massive and small assumptions that you would need to be "in the know" on this topic to "get" (that alone is just poor journalism); it painted no picture (there were no details) - the whole shoddy thing was more about the woman that ran the motel - and even then, we don't get to know much.

Sigh! Was GEIST so desperate to weigh in on the whole MJ debacle, that they ignored the principles of excellent writing that we read GEIST for? (Really...WHAT is your excuse?)


S.E.M. - Nanaimo, BC more than 13 years ago

Waiting for Michael Jackson

Even if you are not a fan of Michael Jackson there is always time to read a well written story and I really appreciated it.

Sylvia more than 13 years ago


I'm with JSO. If anything, Geist sometimes comes across as a bit navel-gazing and self-congratulatory (and I'm a longtime subscriber). This is a great piece and I'm thrilled that Geist has something worth putting forth about this particular and undeniably important historical moment.

Shawn more than 13 years ago

what is canned?

I don't understand what "canned" means in the previous comment. Like all good literary journalism, this piece has a lasting interest. When it's timely it makes sense to cycle material from earlier issues of the magazine back into reach.

jso, for the eds more than 13 years ago

I think Geist readers would

I think Geist readers would have done just fine without yet another canned MJ article. That's part of the reason we read Geist.

Anonymous more than 13 years ago