Man of a Hundred Thousand Books

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"...the Niagara on Hastings...:" The former Niagara Hotel (now the Ramada) is on Pender Street next to McLeod's Books.

Marc Erickson more than 4 years ago

Bookstore ne plus ultra

This is the most amazing bookstore, and its own story. Thank you.

Aritha van Herk more than 5 years ago

Don Stewart & MacLeod's Books

Don Stewart was a sweetie 40 years ago when I knew him, and when I saw him recently, is still a sweetie with a great bookstore. Thanks for a great background article about one of the great bookstore institutions in BC.

Heather Kennedy-MacNeill more than 11 years ago

Don McLeod

I often caught the bus up to SFU in the late 60s, when rents in the Westend ran to about $100 per month, and it was always a great pleasure to spend an afternoon browsing and sharing stories with Don. I recently had cause to mention the store to a friend with some antique editions of Hardy novels. Although it has been nearly 30 years since I lived in Vancouver, I still recall the ambiance and engagement of one of my favourite stops in the city. For those with time on their hands and the ability to disconnect from the wired-in universe and no particular agenda, McLeod's Books was a magical emporium, a place to pause and reflect.

Ray Garford more than 11 years ago

oh boy, that's a lot of

oh boy, that's a lot of hatred for a guy who sells books.

Anonymous more than 12 years ago

Independent Bookstores: Wave

Independent Bookstores: Wave Goodbye: Indie, indie, goddamn indie! What's so special about a bearded bastard behind the counter talking about Ginsberg or Sartre and throwing down a hippie story about how he tripped on peyote buttons with, dead dick Kerouac (or thought he did) in the Mojave freaking desert?

The prerequisite for an independent owner is that he's Santa Claus fat in a bad way, has a big, coffee junkie splotch on his Grateful Dead tee shirt and breath sour, stale and pungent enough to peel three layers of paint off the wall. Barnes and Noble is down with the incognito, anonymous, forever-leaving-me-alone kick and I roll with them. Indie is Deceased. Stop crying babies. Hand me a shovel and let's get them buried. 3x3

Chris Roberts more than 12 years ago

Frankly I've always thought

Frankly I've always thought that MacLeod's Books guy was a complete elitist asshole. Interesting to learn he was a Marxist. You'd think he'd treat the struggling classes with more compassion.

Anonymous more than 12 years ago

I used to be one of those

I used to be one of those addicts he'd rush across the street to deal with. Over a few years I sold off my entire collection. Don acted as if I'd stolen every book. But, to be fair, I suppose I did steal a few of the Bukowskis, but they were from Chapters which I thought was not so bad.

Anonymous more than 12 years ago



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