The Unread

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Eve Corbel has in fact read _How to Talk About Books You Haven't Read_. You can read her review here:

Geist contributor Alberto Manguel has also weighed in on the book:

Web Editor more than 10 years ago

The Unread

Try Pierre Bayard's excellent 'How to talk about books you haven't read', for tips about how to handle the anxiety - You would have to read that one though...

BobJones more than 10 years ago

ha ha ha ha ha ha sooooo true

In every room I am haunted. The Last Policeman, The Guardians, The Partial History of Lost Causes, The Pregnant Widow, The Way the World Works, Mortality, Winter Journal, Disaster was My God, Clouds and Eclipses, Being Flynn, Alys,Always, A Difficult Woman, etc, etc, etc,

Phil Menger more than 11 years ago