Working in Hell

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Jobs in Hell

Typing little bitty forms over and over...or typing cards with little boxes and faint lines like that in the article. (I know, "typing" lets you know how old I must be - and what my worst job ever was. No wasps there though- ugh!)

M. Diane Rogers more than 11 years ago

Worst Case Scenario

The closest place resembling what I would consider hell was at the Bottle Depot on a hot summer day. It was swarming with wasps not made any less threatening by the the horrible din of bottles smashing accompanied by loud heavy-metal rock music.

ML Ogilvie more than 11 years ago

# 7

7. Filling out forms. The world will end not in fire, not in ice, but under mountains of paperwork nobody reads.

JB more than 11 years ago


With the probable exception of blood, I love all the things on your list. Working with small children - what could be more wonderful?

Vive la differance!

Michael Hey more than 11 years ago

Jobs in Hell

Strongly support B Fedoruk's concern re the manipulation of numbers in Hell. Would add own concern that an even worse fate would involve such things as logarithms (whatever they may be) or the wretched Quadratic Surds, a group I've long suspected of being complicit in the perennial unrest in the Balkans.

Paul Gaffney more than 11 years ago