Geist Emerging Writer of the Month

An enlightened online space for new writers to test-drive their work.

Geist Emerging Writer of the Month

How it works
Emerging writers are invited to submit short written works online. Geist chooses and publishes one piece each month on a dedicated web page. Geist readers and like-minded people are then invited to comment on the featured work. Feel free to check out the current Geist Emerging Writer of the Month and our list of helpful FAQ.

Who is eligible

  • Canadian students currently enrolled in secondary or post-secondary courses and/or writing workshops are eligible.
  • The writer should have no more than 2 short works published in established print or online magazines, books or websites. (Blogs, zines and in-house school publications are exempt.)
  • Geist staff, board members, editors and interns are not eligible.
  • Please read our helpful list of FAQ if you have questions about eligibility.

What to submit
Prose: 500 words maximum; fiction or non-fiction; short piece or stand-alone excerpt of a longer piece.
Poetry: 50 lines maximum in any form.
Photo essay: 3 photos and 150 words of text maximum. Submit as one image file—JPG, TIFF or PDF, at a minimum resolution of 300 dpi.
Comix and other graphica: 2 pages maximum. Page dimensions should not exceed 8.5x11 inches. Submit as one image file—JPG, TIFF or PDF, at a minimum resolution of 300 dpi.

How to submit

  • Send your work as an email attachment to
  • Include a brief cover letter with your name, short bio, the name of your school and/or workshop and expected date of graduation.
  • You may submit one piece of work every month, but do not submit the same piece more than once.
  • There is no submission fee for writers, and Geist does not offer payment for submissions published online.

Who Geist is
Geist is a quarterly magazine of fact and fiction made in Canada. We publish inspiring and thought-provoking literature, art, comix, maps and other cultural gems from across the country. The Geist tone is intelligent, plain-talking, inclusive and offbeat. For more, visit our About page or read a copy of the magazine, available at most public libraries. You can also subscribe today.

Why Geist  is doing this
As part of our perpetual search for new readers and writers, Geist offers complimentary copies of the digital magazine to instructors and students who choose to participate in the Geist in the Classroom (GiC) program. The Emerging Writer of the Month project showcases the good writing that is being produced in Canadian classrooms.

To enter, writers do not have to be participants in the GiC, but we encourage you to recommend it to your instructor. It’s free—no strings, no spam!

Sponsors of the Geist in the Classroom program include the Geist Foundation, UBC Creative Writing Program and Data Group.


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