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geist 97 archive

Geist 97, Summer, 2015
Humour & satire from The Syrup Trap. Winners of the 11th Annual Literal Literary Postcard Story Contest. New suite of poetry by Evelyn Lau. Fiction by Cary Fagan.

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Geist 96, Spring, 2015
Atomic bomb photography with John O'Brian. Stephen Osborne on why the Walrus is so boring. Talking comics with Rutu Modan and Miriam Libicki. New fiction by Sara Cassidy.

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Geist 95, Winter, 2014
Punk, politics and feminism by Connie Kuhns; winners of the Tobacco Lit Writing Contest; David Albahari's child-free neighbourhood; the Arctic photography of Bogdan Luca.

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Geist 94, Fall, 2014
European Indianthusiasts photographed by Jen Osborne; Stephen Smith on the hockey lives of Barthes, Faulkner and Hemingway; Deirdre Dore on the baby who holds the answers to life's questions.

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Geist 93, Summer, 2014
Winners of the 10th Annual Postcard Story Contest; excerpt from this year's winning 3-Day Novel; bombshell photography by Michael Morris; the last interview of Crad Kilodney.

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geist 92

Geist 92, Spring, 2014
Katie Huisman captures Physical Attraction, Gregory Betts on Morphing, Sina Queyras' Elegy for Photographs Not Taken, M.A.C. Farrant on sneaky party guests.

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Geist 91, Winter, 2013
Brian Howell showcases sidewalk photography, David Collier remembers Imjin Gardens, and winners of the 3rd Annual Erasure Poetry Contest are revealed.

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Geist 90, Fall, 2013
David L. Chapman writes about the history of male beauty, Peter Daglish creates alphabet art and Eve Corbel offers 90 facts to celebrate the 90th issue of Geist.

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Geist 89, Summer, 2013
Kate Craig and Eric Metcalfe make leopard spot-filled art, Sheila Heti discusses Canadian art and Alberto Manguel dreams of a neighbourhood for writers.

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Geist 88, Spring, 2013
Susan Paddon writes poems for Maria Chekhova, Ven Begamudré recalls personal health issues and Daniel Francis covers the controversial Penthouse court trial.

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Geist 87, Winter, 2012
Connie Kuhns takes a new approach to postcards, Joe Fiorito observes Toronto from a street corner and Rick Maddocks remembers another 9/11.

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Geist 86, Fall, 2012
Stephen Smith writes about the greatest hockey player ever, L.B. Foote captures Winnipeg in the 1900s and Eve Corbel wears a red hoodie that leads to confusion.

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Geist 85, Summer, 2012
Michel Huneault takes pictures of a flooded town, Chelsea Novak meets George Stroumboulopoulos and Michael Turner discusses the "exoticism" of Canadian art.

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