Geist Back Issue Archive: #65-84

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Geist 84, Spring, 2012
Connie Kuhns thinks back to her father's last days, Jane Silcott explores mimicry in a motel and Jeremy Dodds creates his own Canadian anthem.

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Geist 83, Winter, 2011
Veronica Gaylie shares a plane ride with Trevor Linden, Stephen Henighan remembers Mavis Gallant and Ted Bishop interviews Edith and Frank Iglauer.

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Geist 82, Fall, 2011
Marcello Di Cintio travels to the l’Acadie fence, Michael Turner rereads D.M. Fraser's Class Warfare and Rebecca Dolen creates a map of Literary Life in Vancouver.

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Geist 81, Summer, 2011
Rhonda Waterfall visits a relative's grave in France, George Webber seeks out Diane Arbus's apartment and Stephen Osborne pays tribute to Robert Service.

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Geist 78/79, Fall & Winter, 2010
Annabel Lyon talks with Edith Iglauer, leannej offers a flowchart on running and Alberto Manguel considers the concept of Hell in this special double issue, which features selections from 20 years of Geist.

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Geist 72, Spring, 2009
Ann Diamond meets Leonard Cohen, Evelyn Lau celebrates the memory of John Updike and Stephen Osborne sees a future of uncertainty.

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Geist 68, Spring, 2008
Susan Bozic dates a mannequin, Marjorie Wonham deals with snail mail and Daniel Francis reveals the identity crises of Canadian provinces.

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Geist 67, Winter, 2007
Norbert Ruebsaat visits Berlin, Alberto Manguel reviews a film about the north and George Fetherling thinks about camouflage clothing.

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Geist 66, Fall, 2007
Sheila Heti writes about men at a Las Vegas casino, George Webber photographs the St. Louis Hotel and Sara Cassidy thinks back to the past.

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Geist 65, Summer, 2007
Edith Iglauer dines with Pierre Trudeau, Alberto Manguel praises the Geist maps and Billeh Nickerson suffers identity confusion during his childhood.

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