Geist Back Issue Archive: #48-63

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Geist 63, Winter, 2006
Stephen Henighan takes issue with the Giller Prize, Sheila Heti witnesses Richard Serra's art and David Albahari recalls his father's hands.

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Geist 62, Fall, 2006
Alice Munro offers an excerpt of The View From Castle Rock, Kazuyoshi Ehara writes about his grandfather who has Alzheimer's and Eve Corbel reports on pantyhose.

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Geist 61, Summer, 2006
Daniel Francis reconsiders the historical depiction of the Mau Mau, Micah Lexier photographs 75 Davids and Marc Josse captures the American desert landscape.

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Geist 59, Winter, 2005
Anne Grant shoots long exposure portrait photography, Brad Cran takes a cinematic perspective of war and David Albahari drinks cappuccinos in Belgrade.

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Geist 58, Fall, 2005
Colin Smith travels to the Holy Eucharist gathering, Eve Corbel provides a guide to Literary Underwear and Ivan Coyote contends with life as a butch woman.

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Geist 57, Summer, 2005
Bill MacDonald's great aunts read the future, Stephen Osborne meets an eccentric artist and Robert Semeniuk photographs a pariah in Botswana.

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Geist 56, Spring, 2005
Ruth Derksen Siemens offers letters from the Gulag, Shani Mootoo tells the story of the Fisherman's Wife and George Weber talks to the residents of a defunct hotel.

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Geist 53, Summer, 2004
David Campion and Sandra Shields visit the biggest Wild West show in the world, David Collier thinks about state arts funding and Annabel Lyon stands up for reality TV.

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Geist 51, Winter, 2003
Cheryl Sourkes blows up webcam photos, Daniel Francis attends a wedding in Mexico and Christopher Grabowski captures people at play in the streets of Kabul.

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Geist 48, Spring, 2003
Anakana Schofield endures a stressful family visit, Alberto Manguel reads stories of war and Stephen Osborne takes a Greyhound bus trip.

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