Push Festival Vancouver

PuSh Fetival 2018: Foxconn Frequency (no. 3)

Cacophony and spectacle in a truly genre-defying work of lights, noise, numbers and keyboards. more

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Paul Blakemore

PuSh Fetival 2018: History History History

Deborah Pearson screens a Hungarian political satire about soccer interspersed with commentary and a family quest. more

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PuSh Festival: Radio Rewrite

New music composed by Radiohead guitarist Jonny Greenwood. more

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Stephen Beggs

PuSh Festival 2018: Let the Art Games Begin

It's been over a decade since PuSh started remaking the artistic landscape of winter in Vancouver. The strangest, most mind-blowing theatre, film, music and dance, sometimes all smushed into the same performance. Make sure you don't miss out! more

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PuSh 2017: Zappa Meets Varèse & Oswald

Three twentieth century composers who add a twist and some kick to their sound and mode. more

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PuSh 2017: Things a Person is Supposed to Wonder

Surreal. Bizarre. A woman in a shiny pink track suit makes life more difficult while wondering why it is hard. more

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Matt Reznek

PuSh Festival 2017: It is happening

What makes Vancouver's PuSh performing arts festival so cool? Thoughts on this year and years past. more

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PuSh 2016: Decoder 2017

A genuinely idiosyncratic sound and video art performance where versions of the past and future collide. more

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PuSh 2016: Intimacy

Image by Paulo Pacheco

PuSh 2016: Intimacy

A low-key theatrical exploration of what we can get from conversations with strangers and unexpected interactions. more

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PuSh 2015: Tomboy Survival Guide

Ivan Coyote returns to the stage with spoken word and music. more

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Max Telzerow

PuSh 2015: Fish Eyes

Anita Majumdar plays an Indo-Canadian teen girl in part one of a trilogy. more

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PuSh 2015: The Hole in the Coffin and 1999

Two different stories told at the piano, with props. more

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PuSh 2015: Bullet Catch

A magic trick so dangerous even Houdini advised against it. more

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PuSh 2014: Ryeberg Live

Cultural notables address a topic: includes videos, props, essays or whatever they want. more

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Photo: Drew Farrell

PuSh 2013: The Strange Undoing of Prudencia Hart

Rollicking Scottish play about folk ballads more

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PuSh 2013: Reich & Rite

Vicky Chow plays Steve Reich and Igor Stravinsky more

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PuSh 2013: Winnipeg Babysitter

Daniel Barrow's film of clips from Winnipeg public access TV programs of the 1980s and '90s is sublime. more

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PuSh 2013: Testament

Negotiation of father/daughter relationships with reference to King Lear in this innovative theatre piece more

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Ride the Cyclone2

Photo: Fairen Berchard

PuSh 2013: Ride the Cyclone

Heartfelt wacky musical about small-town choir killed in rollercoaster accident. more

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