A Biography of Stan Rogers

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Stan Rogers' death

Steve... It is true that Stan was assisting others to deplane when he succumbed to smoke inhalation. That detail was confirmed both by the inquest and I have it directly from Stan's widow, Ariel.
And yes, those actions were very much in character. He was a large and tall man with an equally large heart, and one can easily see him concerned for other "slighter" humans on the burning plane.

Grit Laskin more than 6 years ago

Stan Rogers death

I thought I had read or heard it said that when the plane crashed Stan helped other passengers escape first, which cost him his life. Such heroism and self-sacrifice would certainly be in character for the man who wrote The Flowers of Bermuda, but is there any factual basis for this anecdote?

Steve Guth more than 6 years ago