The Poetry Deal

Two books of poetry from veteran writers – one new, one a deluxe re-issue with CD – provide proof that poetry is a lifetime occupation. more »

Michael Hayward's Blog

New York Review of Books editor Robert Silvers in his office.

Brigitte Lacombe/Courtesy of HBO

Review: "The 50 Year Argument"

You could call "The 50 Year Argument" a preemptive eulogy: a tribute to the New York Review of Books, which nowadays would have to be considered a member of a threatened species. more »

Michael Hayward's Blog

PuSh 2015: Tomboy Survival Guide

Ivan Coyote returns to the stage with spoken word and music. more »

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Max Telzerow

PuSh 2015: Fish Eyes

Anita Majumdar plays an Indo-Canadian teen girl in part one of a trilogy. more »

Kris Rothstein's Blog

PuSh 2015: The Hole in the Coffin and 1999

Two different stories told at the piano, with props. more »

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PuSh 2015: Bullet Catch

A magic trick so dangerous even Houdini advised against it. more »

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Review: “Awake: The Life of Yogananda”

“Awake” is a documentary about the Hindu yogi and guru, author of the classic “Autobiography of a Yogi”—reportedly the only book Steve Jobs had on his iPad. more »

Michael Hayward's Blog

VIFF 2014: You're Sleeping Nicole

A feature about a lazy summer, shot in lovely black and white by Stephane Lafleur. more »

Kris Rothstein's Blog

VIFF 2014: Art and Craft

Fantastic documentary about an honest forger and the curator obsessed with him. more »

Kris Rothstein's Blog

VIFF 2014: The Creator of the Jungle

A Spanish man spends decades building monumental structures in the forest in order to escape civilization. more »

Kris Rothstein's Blog

VIFF 2014: The Infinite Man

Time loops, misunderstandings and eluding your other selves all figure in this Australian comedy about a scientist trying to win back his girlfriend. more »

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VIFF 2014: Clouds of Sils Maria

A wholly captivating and unusual film about acting, aging and the relationships between women from director Olivier Assayas. more »

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VIFF 2014: Welcome to Me

Deadpan Kristen Wiig is hilarious as a woman who creates a wild and out of control TV show after winning millions. more »

Kris Rothstein's Blog

VIFF 2014: Hope and Wire

Hope and Wire (directed by Gaylene Preston) is a compelling docu-drama about the 2010/2011 Christchurch, New Zealand earthquakes. more »

Arts Reviews

VIFF 2014: Still Life

A London council worker (John May), who leads a careful and quiet life, has the unusual job of locating the next of kin for the unclaimed dead, and for those with no kin, he creates ceremonies and narratives based on items from their homes. more »

Arts Reviews

VIFF 2014: Regarding Susan Sontag

A thorough and stylish biographical documentary about the influential American writer. more »

Kris Rothstein's Blog

VIFF 2014: Heaven Knows What

In Heaven Knows What (directed by Joshua & Benny Safdie), the characters are young street people who spend their time saying fuck, stealing, trying to score drugs or alcohol, figuring out where they're going to sleep, and engaging in melodrama. more »

Arts Reviews

VIFF 2014: The Princess of France

A very loose adaptation of Shakespeare sees a web of tangled romances in this Argentine film. more »

Kris Rothstein's Blog

VIFF 2014: Listen Up Philip

Jason Schwartzman is Philip, a successful writer and a pain in the ass. more »

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