BC Cider Festival 2018

Pours and stories from over thirty cider makers at the Pipe Shop in North Vancouver, a restored heritage building where ships' piping systems were once constructed. more

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Sisyphus Does the Grind

Another existentialist classic, Vancouverized. more

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JFL NorthWest 2018: Maria Bamford

Comedy genius enraptures loving fans. Yes, I'm biased. more

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JFL NorthWest 2018: Beth Stelling

A regular on 'comedians to watch' lists for a couple of years. Stelling can be flippant, dark and crude but is always charming and funny. more

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JFL NorthWest 2018: Prepare for Laughs

It is year three for one of Vancouver's newest festivals which offers stand up, sketch and improv comedy from big names and young locals and also includes a program of madcap oddball events like. more

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PuSh Fetival 2018: Foxconn Frequency (no. 3)

Cacophony and spectacle in a truly genre-defying work of lights, noise, numbers and keyboards. more

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Paul Blakemore

PuSh Fetival 2018: History History History

Deborah Pearson screens a Hungarian political satire about soccer interspersed with commentary and a family quest. more

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PuSh Festival: Radio Rewrite

New music composed by Radiohead guitarist Jonny Greenwood. more

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Stephen Beggs

PuSh Festival 2018: Let the Art Games Begin

It's been over a decade since PuSh started remaking the artistic landscape of winter in Vancouver. The strangest, most mind-blowing theatre, film, music and dance, sometimes all smushed into the same performance. Make sure you don't miss out! more

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A round-up of the most-read Geist stories of 2017. more


VIFF 2017: Dina

A documentary love story from the 'non-typical' end of the neurological spectrum which is honest and intimate without exploiting its subjects. more

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VIFF 2017: Sour Apples

A few decades in the lives of Turkish sisters transport the audience from rural mountain life to the modern big city in this funny, emotional film which is both sweet and sour. more

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VIFF 2017: "At the End of the Tunnel"

A paraplegic engineering technician in Buenos Aires rents rooms to an exotic dancer; bank heist ensues. more

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VIFF 2017: Good Luck

A long haunting (and amazing) documentary film shot at two very different mines - one in Serbia and one in Suriname. more

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VIFF 2017: "Faces Places"

Veteran filmmaker Agnès Varda and photographer/muralist JR travel the back roads of rural France in a mobile photo booth. more

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VIFF 2017: The Florida Project

In a landscape littered with the motels and theme parks of a disappointing American dream, a foul-mouthed kid runs wild. more

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VIFF 2017: Maineland

Chinese teens get their look at America from a rural Maine boarding school in this impressionistic documentary. more

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VIFF 2017: "Loveless"

A loveless marriage in its final throes, with tragic consequences. Another powerful drama from Russian director Andrei Zvyagintsev. more

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