VIFF 2016: Barakah Meets Barakah

Yes, Saudi Arabians can make romantic comedies. more »

Kris Rothstein's Blog

VIFF 2016: The Infinite Flight of Days

Jericó, a small town in the Colombian Andes, is illuminated through the lives of its female elders. Charming, gorgeous, heart-breaking. more »

Kris Rothstein's Blog

VIFF 2016: Portrait of a Garden

A year of pruning, planting, watering and harvesting in a Dutch estate kitchen garden. more »

Kris Rothstein's Blog

Review: "Paths of the Soul"

A group of Tibetans villagers leave their village to make a 1200 km "bowing pilgrimage" to Lhasa, continuing a further 1000 km to the "holy mountain" of Kailash, laying their bodies flat on the ground every few steps. more »

Michael Hayward's Blog

The VQFF program called Lovesong a story about two women “on the edge of something exciting,” but the most enjoyable parts of the film were the little things. more »

Arts Reviews

Pickathon 2016: The weekend continues

So many more tunes from the beautiful Happy Valley. more »

Kris Rothstein's Blog

Pickathon 2016: It Begins

Kicking things off with songs in the woods and very good vibes. more »

Kris Rothstein's Blog

Pickathon 2016 Preview

I head south to Oregon for a second year of camping, eating and listening at the Pickathon music festival - folk, rock, world and much more. more »

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Levitation Vancouver

Multitude of musical offerings in Vancouver. more »

Kris Rothstein's Blog

Down and Out 1 in Old Paris

An absorbing new book from Luc Santé, documenting the unsavoury underside of old Paris; and a deluxe DVD and Blu-ray box set of Jacques Rivette's "Out 1" (1971), his legendary 12 hour and 53 minute film of the French "nouvelle vague." more »

Michael Hayward's Blog

Levitation Music Festival Preview

Psych rock fest comes to Vancouver starting June 16th. more »

Kris Rothstein's Blog

DOXA 2016: Looking for Exits: Conversations with a Wingsuit Artist

Extreme sport meets artistry in this portrait of Ellen Brennan, one of the preeminent wingsuit BASE jumpers in the world. more »

Kris Rothstein's Blog

BC Distilled: The Lowdown

The best, most original and strangest flavour combinations in BC's craft distilling scene. more »

Kris Rothstein's Blog

BC Distilled and Canadian cocktails

As the festival of BC's craft distilleries approaches, I ponder books on liquor and consider some crazy delicious recipes. more »

Kris Rothstein's Blog

Todd Barry

Jody Sugrue.

JFL NorthWest 2016: Todd Barry

Comedy from the king of deadpan. more »

Kris Rothstein's Blog

JFL NorthWest 2016: Jokes Please

Eclectic and eccentric stand up where we learned that Ryan Albert Hilbert is not a convincing alias. more »

Kris Rothstein's Blog

Troublemakers: The Story of Land Art

A revealing doc about the pioneers of an art revolution which is now so ubiquitous that its history is often forgotten. more »

Kris Rothstein's Blog

JFL NorthWest 2016: Janeane Garofalo

Even after almost 90 minutes of intimate self-mockery, Garofalo seems so likable. more »

Kris Rothstein's Blog

JFL NorthWest 2016: Instagraham

An amusing journey through the social media platform that sucks the least. more »

Kris Rothstein's Blog



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