Summer road trips, books and cider

It's time to go listen to music in a field, watch an eclipse or seek out strange alcoholic beverages. more

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The Spirit of BC Craft Spirits

Dozens of artisans gather at the Croatian Cultural Centre to offer enthusiasts a chance to try everything from gins and vodkas to spirits made with berries, fir needles, cinnamon and kelp. more

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John Berger's funeral, Mieussey, France

Photograph by David Heath

John Berger in the Bardo

John Berger—Marxist art critic, poet and novelist, screenwriter and essayist—passed away in Paris on January 2nd of this year at the age of 90. more

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Jack Kerouac, francophone

Jack Kerouac, that prototypically “all-American” writer, was born to Québécois parents, and raised in the midst of an expatriate French-Canadian community in the mill town of Lowell, Massachusetts. more

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Rag and Bone Shop of the Heart

Shakespeare & Company, Paris, is one of "The World’s Coolest Bookstores," one of "The 20 Most Beautiful Bookstores in the World"—or both at once. more

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Books and BC Distilled 2017

BC's craft distilling festival inspires me to find books about how and why we drink. more

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PuSh 2017: Zappa Meets Varèse & Oswald

Three twentieth century composers who add a twist and some kick to their sound and mode. more

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PuSh 2017: Things a Person is Supposed to Wonder

Surreal. Bizarre. A woman in a shiny pink track suit makes life more difficult while wondering why it is hard. more

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Matt Reznek

PuSh Festival 2017: It is happening

What makes Vancouver's PuSh performing arts festival so cool? Thoughts on this year and years past. more

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In Search of Indie Films

Why it might be harder to see the next great underground classic film, even in this age of technological plenty. more

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VIFF 2016: Short Stay

An understated and unassuming first feature film, which feels almost revolutionary in its combination of well-grounded sense of place and perplexing hero. more

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VIFF 2016: Gimme Danger

The story of the Stooges, one of rock's great bands. more

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VIFF 2016: "Paterson"

A sweet, eccentric, and nearly perfect film about poetry, English bulldogs, Ohio Blue Tip Matches, and Paterson, New Jersey. more

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VIFF 2016: "I Called Him Morgan"

Bebop jazz trumpeter Lee Morgan had been resurrected: back from his heroin addiction and playing as good as ever. Until one snowy, fatal night in New York City, 1972. more

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VIFF 2016: "Personal Shopper"

Kristen Stewart stars in a new film from French director Olivier Assayas, in a story that genetically recombines elements of both the thriller and horror genres. more

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VIFF 2016: American Honey

A group of misfits are on the road, trying to make a buck, in this portrait of America which is as dystopic as any sci-fi novel. more

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VIFF 2016: All This Panic

Seven teens in Brooklyn bare all to the camera. more

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VIFF 2016: "The Death of Louis XIV"

Doctors and courtiers hover anxiously in the wings as the Sun King, Louis XIV, suffers through the final stages of gangrene. more

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