For over 30 years Geist magazine has been Canada's leading literary

and cultural publication. Thousands of readers across the country

have come to love Geist for its innovative approach to Canadian

writing, arts and culture.

Geist readers are highly educated, charitable and involved in the arts-

these qualities inform their consumer choices.

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“Without publications like Geist, we would never have been
able to present an accurate portrait of contemporary
Canadian English.”

Katherine Barber, Head of Oxford University Dictionary

Department, News from Oxford University Press.

Geist [is] far and away the best print magazine published in

Toro Magazine

"Provocative, edgy, courageous, inspiring, and always
interesting, Geist magazine offers much-needed
alternative voices and views. In a very cluttered climate
it is necessary reading."

David Kent, President and CEO, HarperCollinsPublishers Ltd

“I just read my first Geist with delight. I’m hooked. I wanted
to respond to damn near everything in the issue [No. 44],
but I didn’t have any vehicle—no paper, napkins, cardboard,
waste cloth or birch bark. Could you please enclose one
or two blank pages in future issues for scribblers and
would-be scripters who are caught with no means to
work out our demons?”

Anonymous reader, Geist no. 46

A tremendous warmth is mixed up in everything Geist
magazine does. It's human-sized with a genuine heart.

Sheila Heti, author of How Should a Person Be? and The Middle Stories