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Since 1990 the Geist Foundation has served as the bedrock of Canada’s literary arts community through its publishing, educational and professional development activities. Our cultural project is to record evidence of the Canadian imagination in words and images; our tone is smart, funny and offbeat.

Each year, through print and digital mediums, Geist gets the work of 150 Canadian artists and writers in front of 200,000 readers all over the world. The Geist Foundation distributes free copies of Geist to 3000+ writing students across Canada each year. Our workshops and writing contests are valuable learning opportunities for aspiring and established writers.

The Geist Foundation is a not-for-profit organization that supports Canadian writers and artists—vital partners in a robust Canadian culture. Gift donors can help ensure that Geist continues to serve the Canadian arts and literary community.

"Geist is intelligent, funny, and freshly irreverent. Geist
brings swerve and verve to its articles, puzzles, fiction,
cartoons, historical nuggets."

Carol Shields

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