We Are Not a Nation of Amnesiacs

"Canadians have long been convinced that we do not know much, or care much, about our own history, but a new study suggests that this truism is not true." more »

Sep 24, 2014 Columns

Behind Closed Doors

Michael Hayward reviews My Struggle Book 1: A Death in the Family by Karl Ove Knausgård. more »

Sep 17, 2014 Reviews

A Novel for All Times

Dickens’s Jarndyce family, Melville’s Bartleby and Kafka’s K were anticipatory shadows of a great satiric novel by Ahmet Hamdi Tanpinar. more »

Sep 17, 2014 Columns

Who Cares Who Ate John Franklin?

Daniel Francis on John Franklin, John Rae and the Globe and Mail's enthusiasm for cannibalism. more »

Sep 10, 2014 Columns

Matters of Life and Death

Lily Gontard reviews Nocturne: On the Life and Death of My Brother by Helen Humphreys. more »

Sep 10, 2014 Reviews

Fighting Words

A look back at World War I as the first great twentieth-century pollution of language. more »

Sep 10, 2014 Columns

Working with Wool

Patty Osborne reviews Working with Wool, A Coast Salish Legacy and the Cowichan Sweater by Sylvia Olsen. more »

Sep 3, 2014 Reviews

The Life and Breath of the World

Michael Hayward reviews Cascadia: The Life and Breath of the World, co-edited by Trevor Carolan and Frank Stewart. more »

Sep 3, 2014 Reviews


The writer who is loved by all, by definition, neglects literature’s prime responsibility: to offend. more »

Sep 3, 2014 Columns (1 Comments)

Punks and Beats

Patty Osborne reviews Razorcake and Tom Tom Magazine, two offbeat punk music publications. more »

Aug 27, 2014 Reviews

Teary-Eyed Testosterone

Thad McIlroy reviews Poems That Make Grown Men Cry: 100 Men on the Words That Move Them. more »

Aug 20, 2014 Reviews

Famous Foods

Michael Hayward reviews Luke Barr's Provence, 1970, an investigation of the winter when six major culinary figures lived together in France. more »

Aug 6, 2014 Reviews

Closer to Memory Than Imagination

Patty Osborne reviews Air Carnation, a story by Guadalupe Muro that combines the author's personal memoirs with poetry, songwriting and fiction. more »

Aug 6, 2014 Reviews

Scumbags Behaving Badly

Jennesia Pedri reviews Gonzalo Riedel's wonderfully disastrous short story collection, Behaving This Way Is All I Have Left. more »

Jul 30, 2014 Reviews

The Celebrated Crad

Thad McIlroy reads Kilodney Does Shakespeare and Other Stories by Lorette Luzajic, the only book that discusses Crad Kilodney’s life and writing. more »

Jul 30, 2014 Reviews

Fail Tales

Michal Kozlowski attends the book launch and opening night for Gender Failure, a music and storytelling show by Rae Spoon and Ivan Coyote. more »

Jul 23, 2014 Reviews

Frenetic, Instructive, Bossy

Patty Osborne reviews four new books from Mansfield Press. more »

Jul 16, 2014 Reviews

Arctic Roots

Mandelbrot reviews Vanishing Point, a documentary by Stephen A. Smith and Julia Szucs. more »

Jul 16, 2014 Reviews

Not Quite Home

Dylan Gyles reviews They Never Told Me and Other Stories by Austin Clarke. more »

Jul 9, 2014 Reviews

Downtown Vancouver, Elisapee Ishulutaq

A Bridge in Pangnirtung

Stephen Osborne attends a gallery opening for Elisapee Ishulutaq, an 89-year-old Inuit artist who has been making prints in Pangnirtung, Nunavut for 40 years. more »

Jul 2, 2014 Dispatches

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