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Postcard or photo?

Hi, do we need to make a postcard or will a photo do? Can I send the photo in a word doc or do you need me to learn some graphic design first?

Lhasa 41 days ago

Re: Postcard or photo?

Any kind of image will do! A photograph of any kind, an actual postcard, or anything else. The photo can be in the word doc itself. 37 days ago


Did I read somewhere that the post card contest has been extended to February 28th?

Che 45 days ago

Re: Deadline

Yes! The deadline for the Literal Literary Postcard Story Contest has been extended to February 28, 2015, 11:59 p.m. PST. 43 days ago

Images from Wikimedia Commons

Hi-- will you accept 'postcard' images from Wikimedia Commons that require us to credit the author in order to use the photo? Can we put the credit under the photo?

Shannon 64 days ago

Re: Images from Wikimedia Commons

Absolutely! Having a credit under the image, if published and in your submission, is no problem. 48 days ago


Hi Jill,

The setting for the story can be anywhere in the world and this goes for the postcard itself as well.

The Canadian connection is only required for regular, non-contest, submission to Geist.

Web Editor more than 2 years ago

postcard place

I thought I read somewhere that the postcard has to be a Canadian postcard, but now I can't see that anywhere... can the story take place elsewhere?

jill more than 2 years ago


Hi Judith,

Geist welcomes all international entrants (best of luck to you and your class!).

The entry process is the same for Canadian and international entrants.

Please note that international entrants will receive a subscription to the digital edition of Geist

Web Editor more than 2 years ago

check on American bank?

I am having my dear "Memoir Sisters" class enter this contest as a writing assignment. We are all in the USA. Can we write checks off our banks here? Anything else we should do differently because we're in the USA. We're very excited about this contest & the opportunity it gives our creative writing class.
Thanks - Judith S. Crandell

Judith Speizer Crandell more than 2 years ago

Postcard Story Contest

I'm so glad there is still time for this! You're the only mag I'd take with me for any trip. Well, except for my Bugs Bunny one...when my brain is on overload from the maze that is social media.

Terry Gibson more than 3 years ago

Get Writing!