Lives on Film

From the essay "Lonely Man", Foncie took three photos of a man named Osvaldo during the 1950s. more »

Mar 26, 2014 FINDINGS

Home for Good

From "Come Cold River," a collection of poetry revealing critical insights about her family and Canada. more »

Mar 19, 2014 Poetry

Children of Air India

Two poems from "Children of Air India" by Renee Sarojini Saklikar. more »

Feb 26, 2014 Poetry

Jump Elsewhere Now

Some four hundred people have jumped off the Bloor Street Viaduct since it was built in 1919, or roughly one every three weeks—if you're keeping ghoulish score. more »

Feb 26, 2014 FINDINGS

Spacing Out

Entries from the index of "An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth" by Chris Hadfield, a memoir of his service as Commander of the International Space Station. more »

Feb 7, 2014 FINDINGS


A soldier is shot and a preacher's wife abandons her virtue in narratives that blend fact and fiction. more »

Dec 4, 2013 Prose


The imperialist dream: generations of offspring and a machine gun in every window. more »

Nov 27, 2013 FINDINGS

90 Facts

A compendium of 90-ish facts & stats to salute Geist 90. more »

Nov 14, 2013 Comix

Dwindling Crew

Cobwebs and evergreens are what remains at the family cabin. more »

Sep 17, 2013 Poetry

Song of the Old Dog (Las Canciones del Perro Antiguo)

An old dog can't keep up with the young butterflies. more »

Sep 5, 2013 Poetry (1 Comments)

Musical Notes

Found: Musical poetry and prose from the pages of Geist.

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