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Geist 102, Fall 2016.
Hinterland Who's Who poetry by C.R. Gilpin; Brent Lewin's Hong Kong neon photography; short fiction by Richard Kelly Kemick; a new flow chart by leannej.


Also in Geist 102:

  • Michał Kozłowski on the road to Lenin's tomb
  • Failed Seances for Rita MacNeil by Lucas Crawford
  • Christine Novosel's restrictions on how to live life in Glasgow
  • Arthur Manuel's takeover of the Department of Indian Affairs
  • Stephen Henighan on writing what you can imagine
  • Riel Benn's Classic Rock series
  • Mary Schendlinger on translating a translation
  • Red lines from the Globe and Mail photographic archives
  • Editing a Russian newspaper with Evel Economakis
  • Eve Corbel's lesser-known emoji
  • (See complete Table of Contents here)
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