Geist 99

Geist 99, Winter 2015. The Winnipeg Arcades Project takes on prairie gambling culture; Winners of the 2015 Short Long-Distance Writing Contest; Lydia Kwa's linguistic tantrums; Jen Osborne photographs women at war; excerpt from the novel that won the 37th Annual 3-Day Novel Contest.

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Also in Geist 99:

  • Michał Kozłowski takes on a barn full of sweaty publishers, deep in the heart of Toronto
  • Stephen Osborne says goodbye to Stephen Harper
  • Robert Everett-Green's checkered past
  • Rita Leistner searches for Marshall McLuhan in Afghanistan
  • Notes on the spacetime queertinuum
  • Kayla Czaga crafts the infamous drunk uncle
  • Eve Joseph on what happens to our brains as we die
  • John K. Samson on the longitudinal centre of Canada
  • Robertson Davies—novelist, playwright, sex machine
  • 7 Ikea meatballs, 10.25 pages of Geist, and other great 99¢ finds
  • Eve Corbel rides the Bus Without Pity
  • Jill Mandrake in the land of a thousand hairdos
  • Wanda John-Kehewin's chai tea rant
  • George Murray on Stock Home Syndrome and the armchair uprising 
  • A 10-year-old's opinion on what Lethbridge will be like in 2034
  • Stephen Henighan discusses the modern genocide
  • Daniel Francis on Donald Creighton: bigot, crumudgeon and Canada's leading historian
  • (See complete Table of Contents here)

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