Eleven distinct openings for eleven incomplete short stories. From Five Dials 25. more »



Maria Chekhov

The fourth poem in a series dedicated to Maria Chekhov, sister of the famed writer and keeper of the archive. more »



Illustration: Eric Uhlich

Where in the used bookstore would mysteries by Raymond Chandler be shelved - in Novels or in Fiction? Stephen Osborne remembers the summer pleasures of reading outdoors and used bookstores. more »

Dispatches 1 Comments

A nervous kid from Canada becomes the king of the basketball courts in Venice Beach. more »


Third prize winner of the 1st Annual Short Long-Distance Writing Contest. more »

Short Long-Distance Writing Contest

Second prize winner of the 3rd Annual Geist Literal Literary Postcard Story Contest. more »

Postcard Story Contest 1 Comments

I am the only woman in the water. The rest of the swimmers are men or boys. One of them bobs his head near me, a surprising vision in green goggles, like an undocumented sea creature. I imagine us having sex, briefly, him rocking over me like a wave. more »


Insane, adieu. It's summer; there are letters every week. Soft petitions, loud refusals, the usual prayers and prophecies, weather reports, prose in several styles. more »

Short Stories

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